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Best Apps for Activities of Daily Living – Jo Booth, OT

  Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is a category named by OT’s and other health professionals that encompasses our daily life skills. These are the day to day skills needed for you to function across your lifespan and are within your capabilities. For example, it may be appropriate for a middle or high school student  to […]

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Jellybean Tunes App Report 102

The Jellybean Tunes App Report 102: Doodlers, Detectives and Curious Cats We’re back with a brand new group of quality apps. Jamaroos Musical ABCs stands out as a colourful, cute and fun way to learn letters. The professional Key Words Kids supports language development and comprehension. Unleash your child’s inner artist with Doodle Fun, solve […]

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Best Apps for Sensory Processing by Jo Booth

  Sensory processing or integration is being able to perceive (by using our senses) and respond to our environment – both internal and external in an appropriate manner. It is consistent and grounded with awareness and attention.  It is neither overly responsive nor dulled. For example, a child who is struggling in school, may be using […]

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Best Apps of 2013 for Gross Motor Skills by Jo Booth, OT

  Gross motor activities are essential for a child’s overall development and readiness to learn. Gross motor abilities help us navigate our environment safely as well as help us to tolerate sitting upright and at a desk in the classroom. It not only improves our overall health and a sense of well-being, but also gives […]

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Best Handwriting Apps of 2013- by Jo Booth, OT

  Handwriting is not only comprised of the act of putting pencil to paper, it also includes the coordination and physical readiness of our eyes, hands and the ability to stabilize our posture. We must be able to sit steady and stabilize our heads, so that our eyes can follow a line with our hand […]

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Sydney the Scarecrow Featured App Post

  Sydney the Scarecrow is a must have app! From graphics that pop right off the screen, the beauty of the look of being made of felt, to the wonderful message that the app teaches children, you just cannot go wrong with this app. In the app, children learn important early social skills that will […]

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Jellybean Tunes App Report 99

The Jellybean Tunes App Report 99: Mother Goose on the Loose Create scenes, sing, and tap along with popular nursery rhymes and songs with Software Smoothie’s Felt Board: Mother Goose on the Loose, give a pooch a makeover in Mini Pupstars, or read a super-powered adventure with Pillowcapers. Plus, take on exciting math assignments, shape […]

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FREE and Discounted Special Needs Apps to Help With Parts of Speech!!

    Today we bring you a wonderful FREE app and 3 amazing, deeply DISCOUNTED special needs apps, all of which help help children work on various parts of speech in different ways, and some, at different levels. Take a look at these wonderful apps and catch them at their current prices, before it is […]