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Toca Store – Are you trying to teach Life Skills, pretend play to ASD kids, then this is the app for you

Toca Store review by Dr. Robin Parker, Speech-Language Pathologist along with Technology in Education Overview: Toca Store is a fun and interactive shopping pretend play app that can help a child learn about many concepts involved in shopping at the store. Playing ‘store’ has new meaning when you can also do it with technology.  Children choose from […]

Addition, Math

Adding Apples HD – A wonderful app to teach additions (Updated 10/

Quick notes –  Adding Apples is a fun learning experience with appealing and interactive 3D graphics. This new software is highly intuitive and with many elements to explore, discover and learn! The natural and logical interaction will help your child to develop a solid understanding of basic mathematics. Update: This update addresses all the issues reported […]

Counting, Multiplication

Math Series – Excellent app to teach Skip counting/multiplication with tons of customization

Math Series – Skip counting is critical pre-skill for learning multiplications.   This app helps the kids teach this pre-skill. There are several apps out there to teach this type of skill but this one has an added features of customization & reward system.  The has several settings that will allow the parent/teacher to adjust […]