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By Christie Dwyer

Overall Impression

Preschool Maze 123 is age appropriate and really easy for a preschooler once they are taught how to drag the character across the screen! On the game’s start-up screen, there are the colorful buttons “more apps” and “settings” which may entice your child, so I suggest you start the game for them to avoid any distractions to other games. The settings allow the parent to reset the game, change the language used, as well as the option to turn on/off the sound as well as the background music.

This app came be looked at from two different perspectives- gaming and educational. From the game perspective, Preschool Maze 123 offers 16 unique mazes with various levels of difficulty. Giggle Up did a good job at designing this app to make the mazes get progressively more challenging. They used high quality animated graphics, fun characters, and cute animals to appeal to the preschool aged child. I found the background music to be fun and help add some more enjoyment for my preschooler since she loves music. Each new maze introduces new characters to have fun playing with. My preschooler loved the pirate mazes best because she needed to find her way to the key before she could go to the treasure chest in order to unlock it and see the treasure. She also had fun watching the glowing eyes in the jungle as she passed by an animal’s eyes, each animal would appear!

Looking at the app from an educational perspective, Preschool Mazes 123 definitely encourages children to develop their problem solving skills as well as hand-eye coordination. I see it almost as a memory game, as once they see the route they take ends, they have to remember to backtrack and not to try that route again. The mazes are bright and fun, and other tasks throughout the maze, including getting a key to unlock the treasure chest or rescuing baby animals. Again, this helps develop a child’s problem solving skills as the route becomes harder and more detailed. The app also provides print-friendly versions of each of the mazes to practice doing with pencil and paper. So the printouts allow children to practice their pencil control.

Giggle Up also has a free lite version Preschool Maze 123 Free so you can try out 4 of the mazes before purchasing the full app. (

Overall Rating: 5

Appy Ratings (Appy’s):

  • Educational Value: 5
  • Entertains/Engages User: 5
  • Customization/Settings: 3 
  • Value for the money: 5
  • Ease of Navigation: 5 
  • Quality of Graphics: 5
  • Overall Rating: 5


  • Game


  • Fine Motor
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Memory
  • Hand-Eye Coordination

Age Group:

  •  Pre-School (Age 4-5)


Developer Giggle Up has added a prequel to their Toddler Maze 123 app, called Preschool Maze 123. If you’re looking for a way to stimulate your preschool child’s brain and keep him/her entertained, this would be a great app to add to your collection. It’s fun and educational all in one. They can meet pirates, jungle animals, and dancing aliens while practicing their memory skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills!


  • Make it more difficult (or less enticing) for the preschool aged user to access the settings/more apps.

Price and Download link:


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Go on an adventure and meet jolly pirates, friendly aliens, dancing penguins and more, with all new original mazes! Navigate through more twists and turns to help the characters finish their journey and be careful not to miss any of the objects you need to collect along the way! Tap and discover the many delightful animations on every screen.

⭑ Sequel to winner of Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice award, Toddler Maze 123

This time offering bigger challenges for young maze lovers, Preschool Maze 123 is designed to become progressively harder with each new maze you play. Children are encouraged to use their analytical skills to complete the mazes, which also help to improve concentration and memory.

Find the key that unlocks the pirate’s treasure chest! Look out for objects in the maze that need to be collected before you can cross the finish line. This requires children to backtrack, which adds to the fun and also works to practise cognition and logical skills. There are a number of cute characters to interact with on each screen, complete with funny animations and cool sound effects.

Print ‘em out and practise with pen and paper to improve those handwriting skills. All mazes can be easily printed out as a hardcopy, or emailed to a friend!

Preschool Maze 123 comes with:
– Attractive illustrations of interesting and lively characters, perfect for young children
– 16 unique maze adventures
– Heaps of animated objects to explore and interact
– Multiple levels of difficulty
– Printable mazes – send it to your email then print out straight away!
– More than 20 original background music tracks that can be easily switched on or off


Looking for something a little simpler? The award-winning prequel to this app is perfect for young beginners. Simply search for “Toddler Maze 123” on the App Store.


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About Christie Dwyer:

  • Christie Dwyer is a certified elementary school teacher currently away from the classroom to be a stay-at-home mother to her two young children.


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