One thought on “Autism & Learning

  1. John Mark McDonald says:

    What a depressing poster! This poster seems indicate burden and tragedy for both the person with autism and their parents. You give all the bad traits of an autistic child, but none of the good traits or advantages. Where is the fact that fact that autistic children surge ahead of their peers in certain areas? Where is their creativity? Where are the examples of successful people with autism to give hope to people with autism and their families?
    3.5 to 5 million in costs! Where did you get that statistic and what purpose does it serve other than traumatizing parents. Last I heard, the cost of raising a “normal” child was over 3 million, and that was years ago. What are these adult services that you are talking about that are so expensive? I and most of the other adults in the autistic community would love to know. Many of the “facts” you present are either theoretical, (nerve development) misleading, (17% growth rate) irrelevant, (disability employment rate) or just plain made up (cost reduction with early intervention over a lifetime.) The last is especially bad because no one who has received the current early interventions has had time to grow up to track the costs!

    I’m a middle aged man with Asperger’s syndrome who has two children with Asperger’s. This comes nowhere close to the experience of myself or any of the other adults with autism that I talk to. I would seriously re-consider releasing this poster and I would also take time to talk to some of the Autism advocacy groups that are run by autistic adults who have actually been there. (ASAN to start with.)

    John Mark McDonald

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