What is So Much 2 Say and who is it for?

We requested Kirsten  from Close 2 Home Apps to write a little bit about their app and who it is for. Here it is.
So Much 2 Say, an alternative augmentative communication(AAC) app, was developed by a husband and wife team.  Kirsten’s daughters are non-verbal with cognitive and motor impairment.  Kirsten is a certified special education teacher specializing in early childhood development.  Eric is a computer engineer specializing in software development.  Their company, Close 2 Home Apps, LLC was created to provide support, not only for individuals with severe disabilities, but also for family members, care givers, and professionals working with this population.

Their first app, So Much 2 Say, is a communication app that addresses the needs of individuals who cannot navigate some of the more complicated communication apps that are available.  It uses concrete, high quality photos of the actual items that the Learner sees every day, and familiar, natural, human voice recordings. Using a natural, familiar voice will be both comforting and motivating to the Learner.  If the Learner is able, but reluctant to speak, his/her own voice can be recorded.  This app is ideal for introducing an individual, at any age or level of development, to the AAC world.  With flexible page layout options ranging from a single card per page to multiple pages of categories, So Much 2 Say is well suited to adapt and grow right along side with the Learner. It offers the ability to gain independence  with communication to those who currently have no voice.  Intuitive configuration options and fast card creation allow for virtually anyone to quickly update and tune So Much 2 Say to best fit the needs of the Learner in multiple settings.  Use the built-in camera on the iPad 2 to create new cards or categories on the spot.  You can also choose from any picture in your own photo library, including those you download directly from Google Images, or from the app’s built in starter photo library.

Check out their comprehensive website with helpful hints for getting started, as well as video tutorials with step-by-step demonstrations.
The couple has also launched a Facebook discussion group called “Raising and Teaching Individuals with Severe Disabilities.”  They hope that this group will grow to become a valuable resource for family members and professionals.

Kirsten Ferguson
Close 2 Home Apps, LLC

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