Language Arts

Cambridge Univ Grammar Bundle – Awesome FREE grammar apps for all (including professionals)

Essential Grammar in Use Tests HOW’S YOUR GRAMMAR TODAY? Find out the fun way with our elementary tests for learners of English. Give your grammar some exercise! Keep improving your score in spare moments. Can you reach the top level? Essential Grammar in Use Activities GRAMMAR FROM THE BEGINNING. A massive bundle of fun grammar […]

Basic Skills, Matching

Preschool Memory Match (FREE) – Best Memory matching game with lots of reinforcer's built in

Preschool Memory Match – This is  one of the best memory matching games that we have seen. It comes from the makers of Shape Builder another amazing puzzle app. It has 3 levels of difficulty to adjust to child’s needs.   As an added benfit it shows and says the word along with the picture when the […]

Articulation, Basic Skills, Label - Animals, Language Arts, Speech

Play 'n' Say Flashcards – New, creative and innovative way to create and use Flashcards in Education

          Play ‘n’ Say Flashcards – It is so refreshing to see this company used the features of the iOS to create innovate flashcards. These are not just flashcards but will allow users to interact with them using your own voice. There are 2 levels (basic and advanced) based on users […]

App Review, Teaching Time

Jungle Time – Best app to teach telling Time and more

Jungle Time – learn how to tell time – If you have ‘teaching time’ as your IEP goal, this is the application for you. It has different modes to teach different skills and different levels of difficulty. Tell time and set time are pretty much in almost all telling time apps but Jungle time does […]

My First Words

FREE/Discounted Apps/Resources – New Layout and fully categorized

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